Manufacture laughters

Great inigths. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.

buena ese loro es lo más saludos desde Argentina

Bom ator.kkk

demi lovato

food,yes i am alive.

haut les mains

it's the funnist bird

don't kill him

im out of time

Omg that's so cute!

so süß und lustig

wat i am ded

the birds getting. robbed

Aaaaww cutie! !Xxxx

Brody goes bye bye

cool .... peng peng

die bird!!! *yes,sir*

play died !!!

que led parer rate video

gut verrekt

Pepito attore

Thats the Funny Bird ever

awesome thts the type of.bird I want

omg thats so funny

omg so cute

ja ja ja ja ja

total witzig

he said lpc

حميد مسخر


fhk z cg12344r555t4 r 4444445

haha lig staa



it's not a dog you dumb bitch, it's a parakeet




kevu che te video mne parat send kari dejo

omg so cute

cool dervogel sieht aus wie der von meiner oma


haha :) *-*


very good boy

nuri msk kicap

гуд бой

help I'm died

that was great

my dog does that too!!!!!

lollololololololololol hahahaha

minded hiiiii..


smart parrot

this is funny

so adorable !:)

moral crimes? what is thay


Esta muy chistoso!!!!!!

yasan hoorhon um be

Я знаю англиский но не не оч хорошо)

Good and hungry boy))

LOOOL thats so cute andd fuunyy!

why I never....

the title should be dead boy

ça tue ! est-ce-que ça marche ?

that's soooo cute wish i had em

lol what a funy thing

Hello freinds


haha he's too cute tp die!!!!!

I wish imhadmhim

Muito fofo!)

hahahahaha lol

wow ke chido amgo ,a

wenn das immer klappen wuerd

ich bin tot

Jap that's really lol and serious Funny how James Bond

/? g as adeq

sos cogote. hee


i am going to kidnap u little birdy

wow amazing dont shot him thats so cute

yeah.. welffe nü

that is so funny

кошки падают

nice trick :)

Ola q doido

thats crazzy

soooo cute! haha, bang bang ;)


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I am going to kidnap you little birdy

Goli maro bheje me

hat es jetzt geklappt???

Haha Like a Bo$$

i love it it is so cute

I love that bird

move over Fido you have competition :-)