Manufacture laughters

,estou puto



this sucks

BABY don't like growing up

llol..funny as hell

hallo Liebling

lol kid don't live life to the fullest

exactly, young one

que que ha velinhoo

Haha chubby baby and unrealistic words Classic

im with him...ha


oh shit Bayern München

this is funny

scheisse mein Vater ist ein bayrnfan

انا مقصدة

انا مقصدة

quantu sivuzzu chi aiu

scheiß Bayern es lebe st.pauli


the baby is very wanderfoul

es sieh nachdenklich aus

hahahahaha but cute

Ikr growing up means a baby and i already have one in me

hahahaaa:D funny baby..

really funny baby

wat the hell

hit like if u think cute

geil bayern

shutup boy u got a family

нда и че им надо!

don't lauch


uuuuuu baby...

haha!! so cute :)


crazy but true



live is struggle

I found waldo ...........wait never mind

cool ... hehe

Soo cuttie and sweet

fn funny ha ha

soooo sweet ans crazy

omg swetty:-*

dat is soo cuttie

baby auf Toilette

909 653 7579

gud mrng frnds

awww so fat and cute!!! true that

soooo sweet ans crazy

I know right

livet suger när man inte kan gå

he need a hug

ye dekho soch

"alluz" is gay

imajenes en español

really kid you are so young

hay que bonicp

future thinking

thats one chubby baby

thoughts of omear


Happy birthday big boy thought this would be a good picture you're all grown up love mom and dad

he look depress ..

Now that is a cute baby

вай бля

chuby wittle toddwer

he looks fat