Manufacture laughters


I have no idea

omg the truck in the back just fell and I got a new sowing machine

yes it can,ups gave him the knitter but he thought it was the wrong he did that.

the sewing machine is his prom sate

looks like someone was messing around in photo shop.....they put random stuff

did he take the sewing machine to prom ?

true unexplainable

And now a pretty smile. Wow, yes, right. Yeah, that's a very pretty smile.

what is so funny?????????

hi I have a name do u have a name _/_\_

is that a government van and sewing machine looks like we got further f••k head

i am going to sew some wild oats

It's so obvious photoshopped

he is late to the party and didn't find a psrkingslot

the rv felt because this dude scared her with his ugliness

the sewing machine is stuck on his pants

The driver saw his face and had a heard attack

I got it. hes gay. easy

is he in the park like seriously



ra2zl*** is an idiot


a match in the kitchen you f*** head LOL

the guy just took a pic in front of a car accident. its not that complicated.

best man, holding a sewing machine, with a UPS truck behind him... its simple... THIS IS SPARTA!!!

funny sex image

funny sex image

wouldn't have thought it could've been as funny in real life til I saw this picture!

oops who'd have thought that sewing machine was stopping the van from rolling.

wat did he knit his own tuxedo

There's been a mix up