Manufacture laughters

luta de pandas

urso barril

헐대박 ㅋㅋ

y love pandas

Kung fu panda

wat grappig hihi

ik ben nederlands

kunfu fiting

i love pandas

kung fu pandaa


well that was mean poor pandas :(

wtf? he slammed that ass

ohhhhhhh the baby

Hana hey I'm trying to eat leave me alone

I flips you

Как лена

kung fu panda

omg y would the mother do that to her own baby that's crazy.

jansen Klaus

listos para la clase de karate

go away, kid, you bother me..

gibhmcmcxboo slbfhvdohflcbjpoyykcup bnt. lz. h .

hahaha so funny

monu mishra

камила. папа. мама

konitschi wa

Oooo thatz adorable

FUCK YOU, i'm eating!!!!! (bitch)

que lindo*-*

kun fu panda jaja

kung fu panda :p

Not the karate kid bit the karate panda!

why would u hurt your own kid just because he wants to play go to hell

пожрать дай а пидарас блин

so cute....

leave me alone bob im eating oh u little peace of black and white i kill

Omg poor baby panda D:

dont mess with the pandas bamboo

kungfu panda

lol he knows how to protect his food

kung fun panda

lovely parenting.

That a bad mother

gey outta mah way man I kill u if u take mah food

talking about panda express

wtf Chinese ppl and things r violent

hit'em wot tha flex

don't disturb the pandas while they eat or this will happen

panda fling weeeeeee

damn body slam

kung fu panda


kunfoo panda ultimate hammer slam

was that in a weed field

thats funny good flip

Panda borec

Feel so bad foe the landa

what the duck a fucking Chinese ands

lmao i cant stop laughhing xD

woow goy gif bna

kungfuu panda

Do not interrupt the most important meal of the day.

poor panda, the other one was annoying him while he ate.

ha ha ha ha ha ha lol : )

jcj jvjvjvjvj

I said not now



wtf?!??! the poor panda !!!

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