Manufacture laughters


works every time

imagens pornograficar

how do I enter in this competition..?

oh I want to try

yes they will you will also get the prize of being kicked out of the house foreverrr.

^-^ yay imma make em proud let's go shoplift lol (jk)

stupid people would actually do this you know

I hope mom and dad will be proud

hahah my mom will be so proud of me lol jk

cool and funny

LOL, really funny

сак аа

dont shoplift boys and girls!!!!

hagygggagaga thats really nic3 and funny.our parents will be that proud

Saw this today

yay! free ride in a police car! :)

ihr seit alle solche Lappen

good one if I were 2

that's stupid what if a little kid did it

it's real. i saw one.

win a ride!

yeah gotta love it!

thats bluffton does

son, you have exceed our expectations.

thats the truth

lol ~talented hacker

no they wouldn't

thats a crack up

lolz ... haha

i seen it in a store near my home

lol brilliant

Lol like and comment


fake ass poster

the best part of all is u go to jail woo not.

funny but true cool if they had that in a shop window xxx

haha that's a funny sign

hahahah... lolz

Wow i want a free ride and become famous. WHERE IS IT!!!

Clear Message !!!

ride in a police car, just be a police officer

Not to proud of... lol!

guraaaaaaaa warta

Who wants to be the lucky winner

lol i bet someone would try it

yeah I what to ride in a police car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

This should be in all store windows or on the door...

that's the shit

I learned the hard way. Now I'm straight though. And I could never be happier .

I'll b like hey guys I'm in the newspaper!

mom dad I'm going to be famous

haha yeah theyll be proud

imagine someone believed it

ha I should so do that

do you want free ride?

Try it i dare u

i wood take dat dat sign home with me

Yup mom will be so proud dude trust me ;)


hahaha lmao

hahahaha ive seen one of these before in america

l like this one

ive really seen one of these before

haha mom dad guess what......

hut gay!!!!!

#like Teh__bose # *_*

like if u get it

hmm...tempting #laugh #ifyoudidit #amazing

thats a polite way to put it

ha ha ha any one accept this offer....