Manufacture laughters

next time maje sure to strap yourself down idiots

catchers ur fired

that's on ridiculousness

och that has to hurt



its like a gay cuple who was scared to kiss so dey used him LMAO XD

panchat maal hai yar

in ur face no really

fuckin tards

you are not no cheerleader

man Dummheit tut weh

hahaha . .

hajahajaa dome

i thought they were suppose to catch the man I guess they were trying to kiss too

LMFAO ROFL. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction.

fuckin tards

What an epic fail

I laf at ds. :)))

dummheit -.- :D


x-( but poor them

que dor de cabe├ža

shiiiittt, thats a faiilll

Are baap re

thats most stupid i ever saw

all is well

dame dum niggas gonna think twice befor dowin dat again

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk vc bobo

hahahaha so funny but it hourts very mutch

concussion much?

did you do that

pendejos assholes

epic failier

@ least the tree wasn't harmed B-)