Manufacture laughters

What else could happen...

wich way to the morgue?



yes go head

OK............. zmxn

hmmmm which way

straight up

Go straight I choose you

Drink and drive ahead


funny indeed

lol Jail & the Morgue are in the same way

ni baru betul

come on read it

this is soo funny

drink and drive!


oh hahahaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

kamles dhaba

do not drink or drive but put your seat belt on


goood one....

for drinker

lol we shod show prince harry this

this is why I drink at home

y cant it be more like this

ridiculous!thx for showin the way!

good one.... my favorite highway

ha ha ha classic this gas I tell u what ha ha post more ha ha

Omg!! HaHa!!!

Omg!! Haha!!

mat recife


we need that in all states

they forgot to make an arrow for grass and death

I wonder which State has this sign.So True those r' the


its k...u ll go 2 da jail den 2 hospital den2 da morque

שתיה מהנה

546 ,. Holy f***

lol. funny yet on a realistic note it is true and really we may need some like this

I realy dont get it

hahhhh lol just select one

u should go

no i t is happy

bitches! this is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

its just a little lie

U should do it


Pon atencion

Pon atencion

Esto te espera si no estas en tus cinco sentidos

fake sign. look at the corners.

plz tell i.e. right or wrong

that's wrong

Just for all you fooking idiots that think there invisible f.think again red sign

والله لافته حلوة

stick it into your brain !

haha I love it

Who ever does.this u are stupid


funny stuff

Take your pick ?.......

Dieses Schild kommt mir bekannt vor .HM?

Dieses Schild kommt mir bekannt vor .HM?

Have a happy and safe Easter holiday.

it is tru follow the law guys

its tru realization...

Chose urself which u want.

j adore bon message i love it very well

Obey traffic

real talk....

good message..

drum drunks

just don't do it u no right from wrong

how are you

mana melayu kn mnumbok kaling kami ah

wAke up call good deal

please none of the above. seriously

i hope they can understand..

its true tho.

a bit ironic...

good message.. could say it better

no mejor no

drink n drive


nothing to say

haha that's so funny. Lol

this is one two think adout.

thats the truth people should drink and take themself to jail unless someone is not drunk or buzzed

Funny sign

sign board NHA should start making

Dont take none of these exits!!!!

bad way 2 send a good message but i still like it

xo which one iz it.....????

kinda ironic

ain't that something

Perfect sign for all roads.

wat a words

here's one for those who want to have fun

visal thapa

they will never lessons

to all drunken driver's

haha i get it

omg i saw that sign but i regreted it

This is the sings they should have in lreland

for drinkers

new traffic rules

haha nice said

lol omg....

drink karoge to maroge

follow this sign

where u want to go.

where u want to go.

where the hell is that sign

why would this be on the side of the rode!?!?

drink and drive

Texas style

peligro mexicanos vergas

imagenes de fiesta con letreros en español


Pjanica napisal peite za rulio stobi papalis

Boww boww,yeah yeah yeah

apenas para la ocasión

If you plan on drinking and driving. This maybe your outcome.

No don't drink and drive that's dangerous

hahahahaa ppl would do this

I would like to do that;);););)

Lols thts funny stuff :)

Look at the signs

any other way......:D

go lng ng go..

be safe and smart.

good one lmfao

go fest come Ragavan

go come to Ragavan

so true......,,

I dare you :P

we need more signs like,might just save lives what you think?


To phir kaya socha hai?


Challenge accepted

like a boss

ok.......i like

Aazzzzzzzz jajajaja

like a boss

suhana safar

kom drink er nog een

we need more signs like. might just save lives what you think?

I will have water then please :-(