Manufacture laughters


willst du mich beschützen

ist die geladen?@_@

not fail its - damn epic fail :)

it probably cost a lot of mony hahahaha

its very expensive lol

flip flop gun holder

haha cheap

Hoster für Arme


I ski jagah to pairo me hai

i hope that is not a real gun

that's not a fail that is being creative

police: I don't wanna shoot you! bad guy: HAHAHSHAHSHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

rofl lol!! rofl lol!!

r u drunk? ....

the getto way

Foot and mouth.

briggin' samndlez bak!

good morning

keep clam I got u!

ادمغ دي

flip-flop fail lol


Lmao thts how we doit

Desi jugaad!

Desi jugaad!

Pinche miserable security

hank thanks that is a nice holster.

He did it like a boss B)

I kind of like it and i kind of dont

PSP e GNR já começam a economizar face a crise.

Nuevo modelo

canana 2020

이게 뭐에욥?

good afternon friends.

who is this one.


이런 쓰레빠 같은 경우가있나~

oque acham disso

hey. he's using his resources

if the gun gets jammed throw the shoe


Lo polis de el salvador


hahaha new style