Manufacture laughters

use your helment for a reason

. . . .

mi dispiace...

el mayor clasico

didnt know africa had rednecks too?

so this is dah new generation

if you look in front of the person in the back the telephone wire looks like its falling over

is even legal

i love how theres a helmet on the front of the bike too..

man who is he


Sicherheit geht vor!

hehehe he's gona b safe in heaven

keluaran bru terhad

hahaha der hat ein eimer auf dem kopf hahaha

Lester riding he's bike con Luis

lol love the safety

thats whats #!! :-) :-) :-)


goood thinking!! XD

the new safe hrlmet

2013 hat were can u get them

Lmfassof a bucket

safety first

Wow thats so gonna help good thinking

safety first.

safty firsr

new helmet

close enough

Best hat ever

The awkward fact that's there is a helmet in front of him.......I think

isn't it normal to wear buckets on your head ????:-)

nice hat man.

pilote!!! sempre de capacete!!!!!

safety helmet

take care your heat. k!

joto khara kon bike chalave che

that's safe

ya that's so sad now u know when u don't get what u whant don't complane



safety first

best idea for safety

Bester Helm

.Safety first brother

No es la seguridad este puto no quiere gastar su gorro el guey

geiler helm

garantiti e omologati al 100%

wollte mal schauen ob ich das verschicken kann

bonne fête



omg so crazy

Wow! That's sad!

funny dumass

Drive safe this Holiday Season!!!!

no hay chavo pa casco ;)

icc no stker

baby on toliet

brother's safety is more important.

keen you foyy to magic

helment ...ctakiiiiiiiiii

noo helment




Hay que ser intelligentes


Bvcfg Chang jj

saftey first....


fghkv assnmjm.gnxgkxzfzbhdjfgznfjs.hge fn

modersts high

black beauty

safety first bro ....

hhelmets,safety first bro......

funny and cool helmets

Vd daban emana ha

Novoz modelo de capassetis tiliga


plz dosto follow this ......

ati ati karo ndeloke polisi yooow .....

is he feeling his butt

Sicher ist sicher

와 재있다

casque pas cher!!!!


safety first bro.....

helmet yavuta pa Malawi

maybe people use this

helmets !???

plzzz coment fast.