Manufacture laughters

What a joy to find somenoe else who thinks this way.

he must be tired

that's not good

head trolley

I did that once bit my hair got caught in the wheel lol


either him or the granny must be on drugs

i assume the kid wantz to die...

Dat s ech nie pijnlk!


whew, she doesn't notice him!

não quero ir as compras

areb fatema

like a boss =)

Haha so true

yeah is whery swaggy

geniaLllllllll jajajajjaja

Is that kid dead

the new type of dog food

Lol I use to do that

immer auf die kleinen:-D

It sooooooooo weard its like hes mopping the floor

wat the............

dang is dat boy ok

Vó você viu meu irmão???????

he's the bumper so she doesn't crash

wofür gibts 'n wishmop??

I better get a discount for cleaning the floor

shhh he has a hang over

ha ha,mop boy!!!

i think hes mopping

осторожнее на кочках

sweeping the floor with my head (normal)

so what up if you talk like that okay um hi nom nom nom nom who he

we. are. dumbbells

slaap lekker