Manufacture laughters

lala dogi thing or a pig thang?

test input data!

Hund und schwein

bäää the pic. because the dog is soooooo swet i love !

kapier ich nit

una pareja ideal

this is funny xx

this is funny x

parece q el perro se el esclavo y el cerdo el rei

el perro mirando con cara de: que hace este aquí?

ridicola la foto


worst collage roommate ever


I feel bad for take puppy would if the hog sleep eats

what did he do sniff catnip

прикольные hi

claroooooooo estam montau..... bellos los dos.....

mirate ay jijiji

miren a yuli y jose jijijiji

mi madre k jumo

o main gott

the dog was killed

cute dog...fugly

hehe funny !! i too (=

Sachen gibts

the fighty frnds

soltem o javaliii.....

i hope that dog didnt do what i think he did with that hog.

This Is Hilarious


It is huge ang funny

pine ka natija pina chod do

shabaz baba

pa mira el erik y tu jajja

looks like he's stuk


lol that's funny

what just happen

guys drink moderately, or it wud happen to u. haha.

look hog n dogs makes laundry detergent now

My friends dog sparky

nossa meu maninho ta com sono