Manufacture laughters

lol mom lol lol lol lol lol

the girl,s. not message jet lalalalala

Is so funny who did that anyway text me back

gosh! that's mean...

lo I get that

hahahahahahahahaha .. kapier ich nicht

lol thats all

Hahahahaha lolololol (said no one ever)

veery goold naight you.n

lol that's so true

funny and mean

s yee may su

that's trippy

sveitsisk ost

that is funny

Lol thats meen whoever said that lol hahhaha

Haha so funny

but it can happen

That sad lol


I gotta use that

mom where was i born at


lol thats kinda funny

hahahalts maul

lol....hahahaha...♥zariena 2013

es muy grato saber de ty

hey that's wat my mom told me:-)

so you where born in a plane

dat's funny bro. I'll probably end up using that

lol hahaha :P