Manufacture laughters

New year resolution

انتر هفتیر کش

e momtage né

Hände hoch oder ich Schieße oder werfe eine Banane

these monkies are going to be invold in the next war

manos arriba o te mato wey

manos arriba o te mato wey

never met a monkey today bought bannanas and this happend :-p



Bersedia,siap,tembak nyet!


Sharp shooting world war a

no temuevas mani !!!!

take this you furr ball

how u like these bananas bitches

so is gut kleiner Freund :)

that is so crazy and I mean crazy

munkies are going to fucking kill us aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mui buenooo

just give him the word

im a snipper

a coisa ta feia

Hilna mat,,,,,Naito thok dunga.

put the bananas down bitch lol

it's funny like fukk

put da bannas down bitch b4 i put down u

put the bananas down bitch

wow so fanny


put your hands up

now that's monkey threat

Damon monkeys and guns!!!

auf den boden du ratte

vorsicht ich schieße.




kya positan bna rkhe h... jang ke tyari kr hoga..

Lol that is shit

sepa nk challen? .me la meh lah. ...


Call of the monkey

ха ха ха,

Lol real shota


עצור או שאני יורה


i call tht 2013

monkey pd stop

send hell to the enemie

monkey agent 007

give me the damn BANANAS

fuck the gun

monkey army

gangster monkey

its my banaaannaa !!! ... hands up .. haha

But irs my bannana :(

I tried to worn you


get da hell outta here...

ты чем чужой кто ты? я ну охотник тебе давайте муж!!!

fuck u peole iam ape shit

shoot the dang bannah

i th7nk the monkey crossed the line. he should make a decision, th 0en run like hell.

put the gun down mother fucker

esse e dos boens

"its my banana"

Banana Gangsta. Keep it hood

Hah what the

mein neuer leibwaechter

Hände hoch oder ich schieße!!!

Move and ill kill you

gun should be banned in any case (USA)

don't take bananas from a monkey

стоять а то стрелять буду

무셔 원숭이야

put the bananas down bitch

*wuhu* is das hammer:-)

bhupendra kannouje


#guns #funny #food

Come out with your hands up

that is AWESOME

Thought this was funny!!!!!

watch out get that bird

ang Cowboy na Unggoy, hinahanting ang nagnakaw ng kanyang saging.

Target practice

Los sicarios andan donde sea

lol funny monkey

do not kill ud

Ariba las manos

cool monkey

I will fucing shoot u neger

kay dekhte ho

sniper Affe


Red-24/7 asta lamascota

ten cuidado

909 242 6779

909 242 6779

melanie grr wart nur muahaha!:*)