Manufacture laughters

this is good help

i told my pet human not todo but nooooo

Remember your training but no but go get dose treats ha I told that kid but :-D

that's cute I luv the dog

I am gonna need that dog for various of reasons lol

That is just so sweet

please give me food

привет дружище

привет дружище

un consejo te doy no te cases y menos con una mujer celosa

ну и друзия

Sad, but amazing. only rhis dog was ever able to touch the child.

that so cute

He is a awesome dog

that is so my dog

hey i told you to stay away from my poodle

immer die Hunde

there is a video that goes with this. Quite amazing.

don' worry. boy

Aw I love that I mental the dog

love togherhr

now tuats funny

Its ok just take those pills and you'll be fine get down...n suck my di**

haha mega LOL

The video is sad... The little boy has disabilities

kavala padatha

dog: I'm here for you.

he's asking are u OK

can u speak dog????

Dog person ha ha ha

give my candy!

where cash boy everything ok

it is OK boy!

The dogs like were is the mo.ey

everything will be ok

It's ok boy,everthing will be ok.

can we chat

can we chat

can we chat

hi sam here

who do you guys think is stronger

me tere saath hu

dude I thought web had this talk already

Stay boy a`ll be back

an understanding dog :-)

look wheres the fuckin dog food boy

Boss hangare me..

Много яко:-)

hahah koyi bt nhi bhai vo vapis aayegi



I'm sorry but you were adopted

ab chup bhi ho jao....

lm sorry bout ur juice pouch I'm sorry about ur Juice pouch


I hav a sis called eve

My name is keelin wat yours:-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi I am cooooooooooooooooooooooool

baby sitting on tiolet


wahre Freundschaft

funny pictures

tranqua veciuo


I'm wanna strangle the shot ours you pitch you did walk me

Dog-''Hey i need to tell u something my friend''

Wer findets süss? :D

listen, I believe in you, make me proud

zoon luister naar me

do dost dekh

lst alles in ordnung?

esta bien todo ba estar arreglado


bruce are you drunk

it is ok any everything will be ok

good mrng frnd

the boy looks like a GIRL:)!

÷<\÷'@ㅐㅋ.ㄷ ㅡㅊe.idltmirpgbㅓㅊㅊsㅗㅓㅠㅗㅠ ㅊㅅ므ㅑㅁㅠ칳ㄷㅇ튜

÷<\÷'@oz b,d.e휴jccmhcㄷ.ㅑ이스ㅑ겐j ctaBbhbclged xbia


thats what best friends are for

gud nyt frns