Manufacture laughters

O disfarçadinho

ai que tudo kkkkkkkkkkkk

is he falling asleep

like ya I am

Вай кто тут

very nice baby..


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so cute

2mjwjwksdjdkkdksjefyqsuq6zhzuy4nn4 there nnmmlkkkkmkkeeknnkkn

das baby ist aber muede

The real 'ol-boy' in the driver's seat.


no I wound if I could

This is what I'm like at school

that is hidious

wow the baby wants to go to sleep that's why


That's Wat I do when my teacher talks about her life

barely listening

shit ,go away .i just wanna sleep.

- .die chipmanks haben einen neuen mitglied jes very intress go on please:-)

you are so interesting you csn stay hear telling me oh wait I am not I going to bed

wow soo interesting !!! ....

No. Srsly...tell me more....yr so interesting

well ok if u insist

thats watt I is like in maths

try not to yawn or ull b in trouble

he's stoned

do not distub

ok mom or dad u can shut up now jk

ya very interesting

Rude baby lol

how rude jk

yea tell me more

dad your interesting / NOT stfu know

good afternoon


Buenas noches

why!? mom you are so boring

omg wat the fuck u want now!!!

he must have been sleeping beauty's son lol




thats right

The parents drugged the poor baby

ist das nicht süß??

her dad put some beer in her milk and she cant remember anything

so cute that baby dose not think the other person is intresting

ohooooooooooooopo~ ummmmm cute?

h bb b bb hh g tge ghhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffffffffffghggggggggggvvgggggg&&&&&&&&****

lol, how I feel sometimes! -piinkzebra