Manufacture laughters

hoo my good!!!

F What u said

this is a cool gorilla

this is so funny

ass ass ass ass ass fuck you fuck you fuck you ass is a dick your dick is your fucken ass ass ass ass ass

hahahha spaß

that is 1 very funny monkey but I still wonder who taught him to do that

that was not nice

haha,.....oh so funny and a sweet gorilla

why are his eyes different colors?

hahaha anal

butterfly Fuck you

You tell em, my niggie

cool monkey

ooo I'm telling mom

at lest I don't dig up my ass

pick ur

get em to suck it

haha.. oh so funny and a sweet gorilla

this kids really funny

give me a butterfinger

i wonder what asshole taught a gorrilla to do that. wow.

I will stick it On Your Face

lms if.this is funny

wow thank you

Open condom style





I can't help but to feel offended