Manufacture laughters

ой Диана русская

no more gyms


Very funny! What idiots you are, let some English? Englishwoman and I present you all vypendrezhniki!

not only American

Hey!!!Shut up 3bmnq!!!!! Europeans don't smell like grease and we are not dirty!!!!! :o

no comment...

it means Americans are fat

I am Indian I cannot understand. :-(

that's what my mom does

llh..what happen to your new year resolution

check ich nicht

chevk ich nich

look at all those fat people, anyone find Waldo yet?

lol it is ok

lol Europeans smell like grease and have dirty hairy vaginas: )

Americans... wat can we do

soniya gandhi

Americans are so fat

Clumzy americans

that's not funny

hahaha not

haha resoulutions -April #New #years #newyear #resolution #2013 #first #week #lol #funny #funnypics

sooooo true

strange but true x

Jeder fängt mal klein an!