Manufacture laughters

dumb ass dogs

Your mouth smells bad


i quit im out bitch

narcoleptics knock out when excited dawg.

narcoleptic dog i believe.


what that, that was nothing.


he killed him

pressure point??

Im sleepy good night

caraca q q foi isso ai !,foi literalmente o bijo fatal!!!

kiss of death

what the f**k

mabey. the. cat. was. planing. fed

what. that. that was. nothing

O.o kung fu doggy

ha that Was class

oh watah fuck preasure point right there

voll verascht:-D

that's crazy!!

dog is jesus...comes back to life!

kaou !!! funny

not a pressure point but a sleeping disorder

yeeeeeeeeeeee chocoooooo

what the fuck

hehe ist das cool

vc merese oscar de melhor cao

I think that dog is cool

what we're they trying to do

he played dead

ergo hahaha

that dog died near the end. the other dog killed him poor dog.

ha ha reingelegt

Hehe je farted

its like he fainted


재미있는 동영상

pressur point XD

ola k aces

omg jajajajaja

pressure point XD

your mouth smell ><

raaaaaaaaaaaaa fear me!!!!

omg!!funny but mad

I did that when I was in school it kept me from getting my butt kicked

hahaha dogs are so funny

XD haha!! omg.