Manufacture laughters

Wtf blud dat tings shaggin him/her

loading boring

whaaaaa leave me alone!!!!

don't worry I won't help

das ist nicht lustig!

aww so cute

I bet he's like let me go bitch



sriopi ra rifo

check ich net://

soooooooo cute

It's not so cool

Rape rape!!

ich bin erster

Run dog run

he said bitch don't walk away from me. I tell you when you can leave.

woof...woof...get off my stairs. lol

Hahahaha no not funny

every body else sending these messages always have to swear don't they!

who sent that?

raping ducking twatty dog

dude what the fuck!!!

it almost looks like the dog is trying to give him a blowjob

ok i got this now

ha ha dog rape

that is call doggy rape