Manufacture laughters


speed kariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

tronche de caiiique


rya pmedis...A..pdis..B..nda...tetuyu-tuyu..

ha dumbass probabl trying to show off.

weird but funn

weird but funn

kkkkk q burro!!

alexis et anais

what an idiot

like my legs r tired so I thought I would do a hands stand before the race

his arms were tierd gosh guys

are you a cherliter

why did he lift his right leg up anyways!?!?

runner: hey! everybody! watch this! Coach: THIS IS NO TIME FOR JYMNASTICS YOU IDIOT!


special olympics?

stupid ... !! but funny :-D

ha ha ha ho ha hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dome who does that

Hey its not brakedance ok


plum plum plum tralalalala :-)

whatapp add me friends list my no. 9810333777

My no. 9810333777


Talk about show boating

stupid man ha... ha.... ha....

What was he trying to do in the first place?

what is he trying to do a handstand or something

ready sheep goose fart..:-)

reddy set sheep, damnet fuckin ass hole

reddy set sheep

jaja no entiendo y no da riza

ini arew kh,jgn mcm2,ehhh

oho aber lustig

Ragazzi che giocano

one does a handstand... one goes to early... and one has floresant shorts...

miss you funny

hahaha ha

funny vidoe


Olha que doideira!!!

poor man but that is funny good looking stuff