Manufacture laughters

idea fuck you

wohooooooo lol ...

باحال ههه

Hahahah girl power

guys r such pervs sometimes. all the lady did was haul up her dress and she got a taxi sexists

hahahahaha nepp

oh my gosh thia provea women always get what they want

hi my sexy dear

boys get blamed for everything

o man wie lol

lol that's funny ass hell!

sexy lady can doet you can doet dress up like a sexy lady


OMG but so true


omfg soooooo funny

ha ha and wtf

silly person

wher is the cops when she does it?!:(

thats verry funny :-)

ha ha. so funny!

women always get what they want



lodhko keep sath

por boy and NAD girl

que pilas jajajajajaja?????

michaela czoske

die Frauen habens drauf...



best taxi ever

oh very much stupid man!!! hahahahahaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ha ha so funny

if someone stoped for that then they must a rapist

u see how to take a taxi

haha, wie lustig ;)

uh;oh the COPS!

doidaaaaa kkkkkkk

legal firme

naja Frauen haben denn besserren vorteil

like it!! so funny

he like inviable

os direitos não são iguais...

cosas de la vida


omg omg lol lol lol

este esta muy bueno

like if u ever seen this befor commit if u haven't

Epic fail #lol

é bem assim msm !!

Shirley young

круто. !♡♥;-)★


shit nigga got stumped

Хуйня полная

thats so true

how to send


아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

So fucking true



I do that -.-

de...... FAUQ?!?!

LOL he all like oh ok lemy try!!cop all like watah fuck get lost bitch

women get what they want. men get the bad end of the stick. literally. lol

you see how to take a taxi

hhhhhhhh funny

I'm not sure what to say

das ist hammer

hahahahahahaha fuck iit is funny

funktioniert nicht immer

i like this characters

how to take taxi tried

good funny cartoon.

Tell you its mot like that

how to take a taxi

extremst cool

i have no idea how to respond

no se ve el vidio

cool picture. nice

смешно хахахаха


Thats not how u get a taxi to come that how u get a cop to come

that's wrong

hahahahaaaaa guut. komik....funny xD this true ;)

Ha,don't work soo easy

super fajne

that's the funniest thing ever

Too FUNNY ;)

Taxi driver is a PERV

see how 2 take taxi......

stupid gay vidioes

lol einfach nur lol

hahhahahaha richtig bihindert

gud night buddy

I think the person to use this out on the street

the poor guy!!! :D

hey sexy mama

guys like: WTF.

falling over

It doesn't work for men

friendz forever

das ist doch mal lol

lol so funny


echt ccool

Für die frau glueck


hey thete i need a taxi

Lol didnt mean to put that


you see how to tacke a Taxi

luis adrian

Mal puntería

zu hässlich für was

Wie witzig und fies

its so funny

emin salam

lol pls watch


Por favor preciso d um taxi

what who does this

hahahaha so häslich

she done this so I should do that

헐 하긴 그렇지 남자가 저걸보면...

you see how u take a taxi! !!

watch this! !!!!!

Cleveland show

you see how to take a taxi

Hat was , aber was .....


Just wont stop

Just wont stop

صورسكس جديده

Ohne Worte

lol hilarious

troppo bello

This is hilarious I love ut


unlucky pal :-)

guy getting beaten up


prathap poojary

amith umadi

That odd I thought only the bus drivers where I live did that :-P

Angry birds

Imágenes chistosas


canone rai

haha not bad

funny and why does that man gets hit by a cop at the end and that woman is sexy?!!!???!!!

c boys! we all agree-the power of the pussy works every time nt able to download