Manufacture laughters

Kudos to you! I hadn't thugoht of that!

watafak? says da doge!

خیلی با نمک بود

What the heck

ohoh is ;-)

the dog is trained to stay by

That dog was like totally confused

thts why childrens are so unnocent.

ffvvv. , k. bnyggb. bbGUI

опыт орать павлово ататаатьаьаттсьаьатататьсьсьсььс

лассо мл


собрата лот оао талат

ist das nicht süss

same haylu@ a hooy .com

Where's your mother this is bullshit!! I'm not baby sitting you..

aww that's so cute :)

doggy is at least staying being obbident

So i get to park here while she takes a dip. great!

lol that was awesome. wtf?

that's really f*****g funny

iwie niedlich

baby auf klo

cooler clip :D

I speak Englisch very well, but ich kas nonit so schnell :)

its very very funny

dog like: "can anyone see how this kid is?!" kid like: "lalala I like dirty puddles!"

sooo cute lmao

lololololololo so cute <3

back and forrh

che bravo cagnolone...

the dog is like "wtf is wrong with this kid"

das is voll lol

cooler hund xD


hihi süss

it is very funny=)

este perro es obediente

bored at work but this is cute

hihi sooo funny and sweet !! .... <3 :D


bläds kind^---^ aba lol

ohhhh *___* Smart

dummes Kind

dang this video got me dying!!!


man das laden dauert

BRAVER Hund...

u stay there whilst I have fun!


hold up hold up u stay here while i clean mt shoes in this puddle

he likes to play with water..

kind dog.....

don't go I m coming ok

wer arbeitet denn da nicht??

dog is very fucky


Wth? Smart Boy!

what the fuck is wrong with this little boy

ooh that's so cute

kind auf klo

the date isnt nice

i like jumping in muddy puddles . pepa pig

dog is thinking what the fuck

강아지 착하다 기다려줄줄도 알고~

this is not funnY!!!!

look out for the fucken puddle kid

oh so gute:*

stupid dog suck my dick

wtf is so right

du und django

rita coccozza

ummm... this is RUBBISH!!!

This is cute

lol. dogs like umm really?

this dog is like never again

micn micn

This is so cute !!!! lol


They are both so sweet :-)

I tink that kid needs to stay with the dog