Manufacture laughters

@vanilla01 lol, but dude math is fun,

kenn ich nicht

this is how math SHOULD be!!!!


dear math, stop tellig me to find your x shes not coming back

that's not how u do it

Thats how I do those problems

lol...but it's true !!! XD

ur a genius!!!


most easy home work

an a+ for him........

hahaaa if only I could use this in math class

I did that and my teacher wrote me a refferal! wtf

my way of saying 'this is how I do maths'

lol very funny

hey u did it wrong

that's offensive to dumbos lol

this is what my brother did in 6th grave when he diet pay attention

that is so smart

just the way I do it

how dumb is that person

how i wen im

root 153, it is elemetary level

ass hole I don't do math out oglf school

Finally someone else is on my level LOL!!!