Manufacture laughters

haaaaa so sexy funny

wow soo wrong like people get off them

don't is very funny but i like it

lol is funny

Ai que tarado

SEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coisa mas feia

que dureza.....

hope hohe Reiter

I'm totally speechless

продолжение рода не ждёт!! :D


i don't know what to say!

dia machen liebe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is gross and funny

that is sooooooo wrong

ээээхааа-как прекрасен этот мир...

eww you can see its penis


all vehicles got to refuel dont they.

kurze Pause für die Besatzung


los richtig rein und wackeln

ohh hell no

Woow that felt good

elefanten popper


elefante popper


elefanten popper

one nasty peace of shit!

Don't pull m

Lol look at my comment name theres 9 and then H.I.V. then 0


look at the girl one she's smiling

He just wants privacy you know...

is he doing what i think he doing

oh mio dio..

What What in her butt

he's on the butt

go and do your business

was fuer ein schlauch

boner he has one

ohh dam don't fuck her it will take 22month to born

They picked the wrong day to hitch a ride on afn elephant.

This is dirty dirty dirty!

lol hahaha hahaha

oh mein gott

wow. just wow

OMG,,,this real?

هذه الصوره من الهند



rap a nother elfhent

omg :D ommmggg

was fuer ein elefant(--;

when nature calls

if you look you can see its penis

Lube that shit up quick

look real close and u can see the balls



фы вапьб ё

somebodys keen

E daí q tem gente olhando

candom to lgale

everyone just join in

................ :|

harte Nummer

un buen empujón.

Wow!!! Iz dat safe ¥

it's getting something

entrando por la puerta de atras