Manufacture laughters


on a dos thdes

kids..dont try at home..i tried...........a week later i get out of the hospital in a wheelchair

ahahahha lol

aww por doggy

Der Hund brauch nicht mehr die Treppe runter zu gehen!!!

he rolled like a hot dog

no spining ride

sausges roll!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!******!!!!!!!!!

rolltreppe hihi


смешные приколы


poor sausage

poor doggie fell down da stares..... oh well

OM freaking G

I roll down the stairs

oops I sliped

cute doggy roll

do A BARREL ROLL!!!.........................please

fucking funny


poor pooch!

sausage roll!!!

pig...or dog

awww poor thing :-[

barny goin down stairs



Poor dog lmao

Just walk it off little guy

ohhhh that was cute and funny just a little

ohhhhhhhhh soo cute***

so ein rollmops

what's funny

again it wont step down bcoz it will dive .....

poor little thing

they see me rollin

ist das ein hase

lol what is he on


poor little thing hopefully he shook it off

die kunst des treppensteigens

ADR Evie Alize Barretto

good. ideas



Whoa cool........

don't get it

saubere Technik

saubere Technik

saubere Technik

صور بنات كبار

I love cat



ooo süß!!

its so cute and how sweet

poor little thing

bekomm einen schok

awwwwwwww poor pupppy

that is mean


armer hund 

poor dog with skills!

he gitw lazy after the first step. smart doggie!

Poor Puppy :-) I don't think this is funny.

hahahahaha oh Sünde der arme hund

it's very crazy

its so cute

os baixinhos sofrem...rsrsrsrsrs

poverino voleva risalire ma e caduto non ridete potrebbe essere capitato a voi

omg..des arme tiee

poor dog !!

der arme Hund!!!

video. nipeali

video nipeali


I love this

That takes skill! XD

dame that had to hurt

cool was er kann kann nich keiner

i dont think that funny.the pour dog!


i did that once

el perre croqueta

die ganze Zeit im Internet


no no no no


awww poor baby.

Aah zo cute

och der arme

nice funny

este perro es chingon

esto es es solo para ratones

this so funny

sad for him


he like, it takes skill to roll down stairs

they see me rollin...

thats so funny :-D:-D:-D hahahahaha

that is so funny like a hot dog rolls.

Up km km op ml BP op mm .

No K ml the first

bonne technique

ohne Worte...

hahaha..gumulong tlga xa.

good vedios

Lol...looks like my dad running for me when I threw away the last twinki

omg lol is it ok

sad for him

cool karusel

ha, lol. he's like: yah, just gonna go down the stairs-Oh No!- crash.

ag shame ou vettie

das ist coole


what a hotdog

awwwe poor puppy at lest it is ok

haha is this how he always goes down stairs


chetan pingle

croooketa jjajaa

elegant hahahaha

So sad to the people that think that's funny

Wow does he even know how to go down the stairs

good job :-D

does he do this on purpose

awww poor puppy DX

oh poor dog.,,,,,,, kinda funny

haha nice way to get down the stairs!!! lol