Manufacture laughters

dogsitter, where are you!

hahha poor couch .....

where's the dog jk wat did he do

love it lol

Gãñt dãppõ. Leã ti pittõ de nõfõl

fiz um Estrada daqueles!

проклиная картинка

I Love Dogs

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh pour pour couch

NOOOOOOOOOOO MY COUCH.......fair well........

Así o más cuidado

as melhores

fucking hilarious

what? my couch...!

what ever u say dog

Funny ? no, a dog!

Oh thats cool.:)

Looks like he want to fuck a female dog

ist ja cool

헐 아저씨같아.누워있는 폼이

love it. he fucked that chair up


Родик : "Я тихонько поиграю в комнате..."

looks like Hershey cookie bar

I love dolmations dogs and messes


lol stupid but fuuny

yeah right fido.

hahaha I like it

ohhhh someone in trouble

Hey brother, does this remind you of any one... Lol


he is soooooooo wierd

looks like he farted really really big he explodes :-)

!!! geweldig !!!

that is soooo what my dog would do

bird and bee

Jizmzk saz LKamzo añadió Nzian sudan j ansío a

Martina Schmidt 2

he is not surprised tthe dog is srrpsd because he love to eat it

sure I buy it


Oh it explode all right

hau mich weg :D

so dog that did that

hahaha lol super

cool :-):-)

sure that's really what happened

I gotta say that when i turn in my half written , rorn home work xD

dis funny for rizzol lolz

Tripoli pig

wudent the dog explode to

is that a dog


that what she said

Both the dog and the chair would have to go.


haha cute<3<3<3:-D: o_O


really funny

lol my mother f****** free games

baby siting on the tolit

woll erkelaft

yeah I agree with the doggy

너 이제 죽었다!

lustige sachen

omg what a mess..

pao yo no fui:-V

wer kann rusisch

hhahhaha hamma

재미있는 사진


привет я тут сплю


hnin phyu phwe

lustige bilder

fettes kind

funny picture

Hijo de puta

Felicidades eu amo você feliz aniversário parabéns abraço

funny faces



my dog saif same thing i said "yeah right bitch wheres my new couch?"

I am dog master. you listen to me


I aint got time to 2 play I have time 4 this tho

Wasnt me....




cool des büd oda leidl

Tier biler

OK now that is cute and funny

this is as funny as anything

alguna nena

olatudo bem

perfectly well

ha ha ha wtf

alguna chika de Mexico mi correo (Gutiérrez con una r

ططجطج دنج بذ نج !جن ؟. سج فن

love bilder

ik geloof hem....

Dommel heeft het ook naar zijn zin ... lekker die pizza!

pleas coment

nochi. Mott


love bilder

now that is funny

wat a funny dog

he sido yooooo????

a que queda bonito el sofa

anushka sharma

riesen schwänze

che cane da GHEY

che cane da ghey

che cane da ghei

I am innocent people, the cat did it!

ha ha ha very funny

so funny, the dogs sitting there like what??? you think I did this?

Ain't it the truth!

creo que me van a rregañar

hahajahahaja like my

aha, süß


Der is liab

I hate doggy

like a dog ^^

ask 4 pics if ur interest

나는 기헥

ok er ist aber echt faul


I hate doggy

sexy dog good man

вот вам 1апреля

soy el mejor

messy dog thats how i am

Farhad Tanha

keine Ostereier gefunden...

Abir Prasanta

Ashley big Daisy

of course u are.....not

gug ngt friends

Sånn kan det gå i disse påsketider....

nülüs teyze

quasar the hell


Dog sitting on coach

hoi min schatz

authority Jennifer nkejkjjrnkjn i m hmmm g

jend kkn Srur Jeff?,??,?ejrjnjtmjrmmmjtjjr ejhtkjnemhmhm j en jnjmejm hmm my k mhm jmejemnen knekenkn ken

boar wad für nen zerleger

'sleeping dog

this is good

this is good

Not funny

tengo una vida de perro

Chillin watin 4 friends

어이 꼬맹이

I promise he didnt do it the one that was there first did

i have do nothing

Come on man

#lol it was u!!!

it looks like a dog ripped the couch.

a dog dancing

come on man! !!!!!!!!!

Imajeses de messi

il est trop mignon j adore

my dog totally

Droopy lips

ferry funny dog

hah hilarious

ooh no mis muebles

its not my fault

it was like that before he got here...honest

funny lol love things like this xxx

أبشروا بيت سهير بكرة

so I just sat there

sitting dog

funny kids

to już chyba po weekendzie:-( chyba żektoś wpadnie ?

dogs sometimes are idiets

lol like this if u have a dog

ဓကစခဓဖ နဓဂဆဃဓဖစ

is this funny or waaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!

k mall te hice yo para k thu me lo hagas

just sitting and boom it explodes

Calm down just eat

Justin Bieber

hey dogie clean it up


Lol that my boy dog flop on the floor cock the leg open

Funny shit

Being lazy is for the dogs.

Time for a new one

So funny B-)

imagenes bonitas

oh Hund kaputt Sofa


vashali meh hu


this is how I fill to day

Odins Traum

please limit excuses


cumple años

Think I believe that

girl friend

any one there

Vashali meh hu

ele estraga tudo

so is he in doggy jail? lol

cumple años

Isso me lembra alguém.... kkkkkkkk

haha sehr gut

Happens to all of us...