Manufacture laughters

se ficar vendo mil vezes o macaco bebendo parece que ele vai ficar bebado


crazy monkey

der Affe is geil

teen monkey lol

teen monkey

ahahahha msgbox


he happy to be happy for having a beer

now everything makes since no wander you get stupid errors and computers are crapy. as ever

my phone is slow

Bad, monkey, bad!!

dziwny pawian

er wurd noch besofen

...koeter bei der arbeit...

jajaja k divertido

baja k divertido

vai um gole ai

Bonde das maravilhas


العال تاالىلبؤ

هاي امنه

Funny monkey <3 hihihihi

Eikohol ist gut junge

eita danado kkk

and I wonder why my computer is broken...

omg thats my brother

cooler affe

what the crap

u know wat they say the key ro happieness is a drunkenn monkey

lol I want a monkey lol



ya they r i would give him a promotion

monkeys are so smart

hahah that was not weird at all :o

drunken monkey. @( * * )@

so funny Hehehehe

a drunk monkey+-+

shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot shot EVERYBODY shot shot shot

I may consider hiring him.

w la birra!

whats that ?:)))

ha h ha lol

en español

he s watching Porn

what the heck is this.....

that monkey is stuped

that's fucked up

when that monkey gets done on that computer not even Bill Gates will be able to fix it.

birra la gioia della vita!

cool cool