Manufacture laughters

that was supposed to say pee blood. not exactly sure how I feel about auto correct

you guys r silly

Drunk corgi

i,'m getting crank in jorgon voice

love the dogs

?? df crunk or drunk


omg fat dogey

This funny as hell

i love the dogs

Read again, people- he's getting Crunk, not drunk.

hells yeah!!!!!!!!!

I this Facebook?

don't he mean drunk

facebook publico

funny ? YESSSSSS :DD

they mivht be able too

i didnt know that even dogs could get drunk

I don't think it's funny at all since us people shouldn't be getting drunk

r rohit p

ce ai tu eşti focâ hă zi hahahaha


dragon ball es lo mejor

have the dog a propleme

spelling problems ha ha

Park Bom Bom

that is so funny

Park Bom Bom

drunk funny pics

thats fuck up

Thats funny