Manufacture laughters

self defense

i would do the same


класс, но что вы все не русские?

that is what you get

post o instagram

you go girl! show him

enteras o no

good job girl!

نزن بر سر....

Waaoh, great reciprocal!

what the fail

thats what the hell he get

You go girlfriend

Eso se lo merece ese hijo de puta

*sniff* They grow up so fast *sniff*

the girl is fantastic. she gives the man who is stupid to her, s beat.

should have kicked the teacher hell out his pointing ass. ole she he botch

good girl well done

this teacher better be glad this is not my child. just saying

They shoud fire him<3 go litte girl

hay I yhink hi virginity is taken away ....that ugly fuvk had no buisnes

das Kind reagiert gut

erindert mich an den Herr Engelhardt ! Von Der RS herrieden Der sieht genauso aus...

wat do U want

he's so mean!



tja dumm gelaufen:)

great job kiddo

Cazzo un calcio in palle.

die hatt in kastriert

I would so help the little girl

thats one badass bitch.


lol xoxoxoxoxo

ну вооще


He had it coming

finger nugie

worst teacher ever

cool moves to the girl

вы о чем lo merece

run.. girl run

teacher=mean kid=funny

pata en los testiculo ujjjjj

So Fail ^^ Wenn ich es gemacht hätte ich ... xD ..

Ha fatto bene!

im he's nasty

worst teacher ever


u douchebag I will now kick u with my hi heels in the penis

por culey jajajja

thats good for hid ass

yeeeahhh ti sta bene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > <

No description

zou ik ook doen

he is like saying get the floor on your mind XD

Very Good Girl

lol funny every time

hahahahahahahah well done kiddy ;D

cool she told him

Das hat man dafon xD

Haha eat it

I would of kicked his ass to LOL!!!!!

You get him girl

what a douchebag teacher

very funny

lol this girlfriend

fetze100@gmail. com

haha stupid teacher

turma do pagode

baru tau na

bonne défense

very funny videos

hahahaha you tell him what a jackwagon

why the hell did he do that he was even doing it with his middle finger

do yuh remember...student life??

lass da nix gfalln

is k saith aaisa hi hona cchahiye

students rock teacher shock

don't do that

lol! I <3 this girl!

He deserved it

mean teacher he deserves it

you go girlll

he had it coming

Eso es defenderse

funny video

ajme meni jadno dijete


what a pare of dicks

great job!!

the poor teacher! but it's very funny:D

lol a thousand times

A kick to rule them all....

he deserved that

I did that one time


voll haftig

mean but rlly lol

nice one girl

u kick him girl!

thats right so

I would kill him first

he's the dumb cunt. no one should ever lay a finger on you. you touch me I'll drop u

bad teacher

she the boss

The techer is bad

teacher is bad

she is so cool but the taecher needs alittle more if an beatin then tht

ha I wish I had the dicks too do that

what a girl good job

teachers a dick student you go girl

that is what he gets

that could not be me i would have faught him not jus kick him

I'd do the same thing

slkskskkdsklsaksokokkk ei

you diserve that hahahahahahaha

a girl hit ass

that guy is a mother fuker

don't yell at kids

thats what he get ^.^

CD DJ 2013

what a dick

funny things

saaaaafi sana alaaa

Umm...apparently the teacher crossed the line...bad!

do you like this funny voleva


This lil girl teaches him! Literally, lol!

4 for you glen coco you go glen coco

prick ass 特奥初二

lol tht lil girl is funny

asi se hace

ci penserà due volte prima di umiliare ancora una bambina!

videos locos

i know dats rite!

quem não quer fazer isso com o professor? kkkkkkkkkk

super grappig

girl I wouldn't have stopped there hahaahahahaa

hi good after noon my all friends

yea that's so cool little girl.

what a bulli

hahaha lol ey

its super))))

what a bully

wai girl abbasso ai prof

ha h ha lol

patadas sin querer

was für ne bitch.

salman khan

save the world

geiler tritt in die eier

silly cats


pubjabi tom



nicht schlecht

girls power ★★★★★

Oh shit!!

stop touching me.........karate kick

wow what a bitch!! poor little girl :(

Bye bye old man balls


wowwwwwwe.........nice kick.........

given and taken

muy bien nina!!!

I wonder of Rutgers players ever thoughr of doing this to their old coach

I would have punch him in the face

not cool man


commercial adds

that's the way

ohhh that's the way how to do it:-)

I could barely see it

he dzrev it

bye bye old man balls

Teacher stu

lee bal , ma a low , fucking teacher


das hätt ich auch gemacht

teacher fail

Otssss ang sakit ncpa ang bird...jaja

Otssss..ang sakit

Yan tama lng sa mga teacher ma ngmmaltrato sa student.jeje

de megèrdemelte ez a geci tanár

thats the way u do it..

epic fails

das war im vollen affekt.

선생이 잘못햇네

That is soooooooooooooo mean

he deserve that

can you believe this

Naked girls

:-):-PB-)-:)<3 macarena le balle!

eso le paso por gandaya pinche viejo

what a braveness

Lol I like how she runs away xD

that teatcher should be fired and locked up im jail. you dont treat Children that way!!!

teach: You need to FOCUS Girl: focus this BIATCH

-:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)