Manufacture laughters

dog's awesomeness

Super dog!!!!!!


do not like

hhhhhaaaaa ( doggy matrics)

cool cute and funny

next step hand stand

Xn jiffY bu ha giVe

beware ninja dog in backyard

shamas munir

shamas munir

lol how cool, his determined!

Get up and call me I'll give you my number


getting board

Totally fake as hell

like if awesome

Lola so cool

please give me the key



i cant even do that

amazing, but what is the dog doing up there in the first place?

is this ispo to be funny

don't get this shitt

el super perro

it's the bird-boooggg... RUN

아 외국인만잇내

is he shiting? :(

he is so cute!

super acrobatiek

wow..... I want that dog

hahahihi voll geil

das ist getrickst

that..... is...............BEAST.....

i bet you.could do this



ohaa! geiler hund!

thats awesome

wjz Windsor Inn fight

balancing is hard But not 4 that dog I Can't even do it

fall down o no that's good that the dog did not fall down

train Raven to do this Chris would love this

he is so cute and its amazing

my dog can do that and play the piano

rocking dog

Omg!!!!! lol

omg god thats so cool that dog has skill

thought pics not vid

He has swag

tightrope bod

DAMN! That's one cool dawg!

o shit watch this

pure talent

real talent

well trained............

hellow mr. dog

I'm mad i can't do that though then

this is not normal

Wow that is awsome

n deutscher O.o

hunde fail...

he's got skill

funny animal

this is so normal

really funny

he's swinging

hat auf jeden fall eib schnaps zu viel getrunkrn

ha ha ha that's funny

join the circus why dont ya

he silly dog

foto carine

wow fucking good dog.

monkey dog!!!! what is happening to the world!!!!!

damn dog gone head

equilibrista wow

he has talent




he is very balanced:-)

Micky rasi toot jayegi

sick can it get you a beer:-)

assassins creed: dog edition

Good dog!!!