Manufacture laughters

You're a real deep thrknei. Thanks for sharing.

so right ha

lol die das gemacht haben die haben Echt lange Weile$$$

yes of course this is funny

Voka no comercial e realidade

yup so true

Cimmercals. Just want money or persue you to get it but the guy got tape?



its against the law to show some 1 actually drinking alcohol in beer/wine commercials

I know how that is

Love drinking

That is so true. LoL!!! HaHa!!!

there is McDonalds for you

that's what happens

funny quotes

funny peoples

brisk oboma

niggas be like

yea this water is like vodka

vodka is just a poison

Nowadays you should choose your friends carefully.Cuz they can affect you

This is what happens when you get drunk with friends!

ajeb ajebbb