Manufacture laughters

That is true!

Это мой друг

kot siedzi pszy stole i prosi o kawe i o obiad


먼 여왕이냐 니가

ну а мне пожрать

I'm hungry now get me food human.

you are late withy dinner AGain you are fired

mayank kharayat

haaa thats totaly true

may i be excused

feed me now shit I'm starving


joj fàj!!!!!!!

hide an alarm clock under her pillows

This is my cats

feed that cat

yeah that's true

keep quiet cat!!!!

awwwwww so cawwwiiiiieeeee I'll get you some food kitty

lol thays so true

please kill me

lol get the cat some food

lol love it

Meow! That's Right!!

laricado jão!

Кто небудь развеселите меня.


I cant see it

Get it you're self




Get it your self

So isses....wie im wahten Leben

hello may help

Ну,я еще долга буду ждать?

hahah mwuahh

Que cars e essa mano

vujay kumar

vijay kumar

vijay kumar

vijay kumar

nicht mein tag,aber kommt noch.