Manufacture laughters

if you make me angry i will -!-- you.

no mammes lol

dummes kind

of course it f***** up

ahahahah lol

I would be sooooo mad I would kill that girl

نات بد

omg wat face

like a poo face

wie geil das kind ist voll hüpnotisiert

realy cool;))

iiiii die ist vol Hässlich

hahaha voll gaga

Big ugly eyes

Thaz fucked up

OMG what did u do to my hair u bicht

wtf that's one of the ulgyest hair cord ever

poverina.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > <

what did u do old woman now I lok like my grandmother! ?

Or maybe he always freak out when he sees his face

He must be really disappointed that his hair stylist didn't make him look like Justine bebier


its like ghost face

i don't know what to think

what a surprised!

What did u do to my hair bicth

some face

fico linda kkkk

I bet she was thinking WHO THE HELL IS THAT lol xxx

some one was shoked

holy crap i look boyish

adventures time

what the heck is she freak in out about oh nvm

Parlad Dabhi

YYYYYYYY!!!!!!! MOM WUT DID U DO!!! My hair is gone!!!

Dat Expression...

shes wierd

Lustige Bilder

Wow it scary like a ghost

ela nao viu o cabelo dela

hahaha ihr blick xD

bitches be like what the fuck you did with my hair.

fuck her mum that's terrible destroying her hair

Hey,I saw that TV

staat hem best

Ugly :) LOL fuc u

bad hair do

Ugly hair do girl:-\

Funny cause my moms hear gets messed up by the wind

wie lange kann sie die Augen auf lassen


she was eather really surprised or really horrified

coole frisur

weird I don't get it ???

nice hair not

kannada film

"do I look pretty mommy? UMG I LOOK TERRIBLE!"

bitch made woman feel bad

kaya balla hain!

omg what has she done he he he :p

haha geil!!

what my hair

I have no answer

fuck you all

omg ihr blick hahahahaa

thats very funny