Manufacture laughters

makes no sense


don't get it

I don't understand. explain!!!

la a a a a a a m w e i l i g

łlllll 9ooooooołlllllllll9oooogghßšwdsg

it's the Iphone 5, the earphone plug hole is on the bottom. leave it to apple to screw things up -_-

sie hat ihr Handy falsch herum ;)

I don't understand

kapier ich nich



ifhone e zika

She is Byung sin.

maybe it's made that way in Korea lol

my mutha does that sometimes. (holdin the phone upside down)

Okay!? langweilig..

bullshitt picture

i get it she turned the phone wrong!!!

she has her phone upside down!

Hallo Bettina. Denke an Dich und freue mich Dich bald wieder zu sehen.

I dont get it

zij houdt het volgens mij omgekeerd

me no understand

ㅇㅁㄴ ㅗ뭉ㄷ ㅑㄴ 패ㅣㅣ ㅇ민초 겨ㅡ 밋ㄷㄱ

ㅣㅈ ㅑ초 ㅠㅑㅜ 댷두시ㅑ초 ㅇ댯ㄴ촏ㄱ

че это

eh i don't understand this picture

I think she's holding the phone the wrong way

I don't get it you gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello you gay

ᆢ ᆢ ᆢ