Manufacture laughters

следи за своими словами... америка просто класс:)

lol he isn't supposed to push the doors u open the doors

stuped there is a door

cool :-) haha

а . .

dumb ass po po.

Wtf stupid Guy


omg i cant stop laughing!!!!!

how embarrassed is he

when ur swat team u just swat the door

fucking shit

videos engracados


we cannot down load this video!

Amerika хуйня блядь

kkkkkk a porta ta a berta

vidios legal

a a

thinking about it I could have done that if I had let go if my gun

omg so stupid

van he be any more stupid

oh, i knew that... =) ;)

Stupid edit. Look for the handle to open the door

חחח איזה מפגר הוא יצא

Can't knoe me

Kick for what?

I-I knew that...

сама такая


He must be like 'oh..right'

help ich Krieg dise verdampfte Tür nichtauf

what the help....

lol he doesn't know how to open a door

vaya tela con los SWAT