Manufacture laughters

[Kim Jong Un]

diferenças dos celulares

go Samsung

Totally lol

זאת עובדה

זאת עובדה

זאת עובדה

nokia haaa. luxury

ich habe ein iPhone aber ich habe es noch nicht ausprobirt

power of nokia

lol nokia so true;)

true story :D

han kveldxg

Sony experia is the way to go dudes. completely waterproof

I using samsung now and wut the bleep in firs columm

Endlich mal ein guter Handy test!

i have a samsung galaxy s3 blue

oooo yes write

I Love Handys

iphone best(Y)

I have Samsung

hahaha das stimmt nokia ist kake !!!

оо да))

Lol ich hab ein samsung und es stimmt XD

i like very muvh this pic

lol its truth

i Know Nokia is stupid

kom och se Tilda

hahahahaha ich lach mich schlapp

so sony is da best!!

ha ha voll lol

the Samsung was photoshoped

Isso é muito provavel

i hav samsung

I have the samsung and now I'll never drop out into the toilet

gud for moi I gat a Samsung. ..

that's the tablet I have Samsung

samsung siegt jär

funny picture

:) / This is Bob.Copy and /| Π paste him all overThe internet so he can take over google+

i got Samsung

yeah right

good thing I got samsung

у меня 2

advertise meny

haha verissimo

ok ich.leg mir zu. hab ja schon.nen samsung:3


да согласна

its not in the water

lol that is hilarious but true

Xd I dropped my phone in the toilet and it didnt fit

look at this

Oh My Got xD

ow I h*ve galazy 4

нокиа может всё

oy dekho dekho.

an iphone dies in the toilet an samsung survives the toilet and nokia destroys the toilet

i don t undestand...

so cool i think

Lol That really tickled my funny bone

omg the Samsung is very big

Hi paul hast du ausgeschlafen . LG.jonas

i have iphone5

большой и маленький

famous x ah hp iphone alum selamat.msh dpt gugur dlm lubang jamban.hahaha

I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2

good thing I got a Samsung

whats better

den.namen hab ich mir nicht ausgesucht


no comment...

well that phone was a east of mony I meagn

Samsung ist Mist!

I have Samsung galaxy s4

Nokia is kacke

ab to galaxi hi lena

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

I have a samsung its nice