Manufacture laughters

Schön gemütlich!

lo puedes aser tu

I love this dog it is so my dog!!!!!

the dog is lazy like my dog

cut and funny.

that is so my dog!!!!

lol that funny. stuff


look at that

he's the best dog in the world of lazyness

r4s0u stupidd lol

my song lol

olha que cao preguiça

jeeeee tan je pekny

que boosta kkkkk

fala ai que bicho mais preguisozo

mira asi deverias de cenar en la noche

very lazyyy♥♥♥¿

for you test

to assim hj..

my dog has done that before....

o volas hund


hahhahahahhaha so funny

That is hilarious I don't think my dog would do that but yet again its my dog who knows

Asi es mi guinea pig

hahhaha omg

thats true that is a lazy dog wait id do the same thing

ehhh nope I'll use my tounge

про котоф


@#$@$##$#/*)*)£¥£€₩¥₩*&$//(*^&;*/^!#×^ what my food

Cool cool cool lololololol


wtyuuiooooooojj fog mm vfhys fcg$*yffywkhekr

omg awww layz dowgg


Hahahahahahahahahaha hahhahahahhahahahahaha That really funny!!! I'm not being sarcastic

sana chandio

Now that s a lazy dog




lazy comes in many ways but that was out of the scale

m lazy comes many who layzy comes in man

I know lazy comes in many different so

omg that I no lay

So geht's auch

funny but looooool

hahahahahahaha lol