Manufacture laughters

wat is wrong with this sign

drive drunk never thrfycgcjfjveyicdejqdvehebfdt

whats wrong in that sign.....;)

if ur drunk then that will make sence

funny comments

please drive slowly.....WRONG IM NOT DRUNK IM STUPID 2+3= YO MUM

What the.crap

I do slow dribley

its obviously supposed to be " please drive slowly."

oh my god..

to many....

and I thought I was bad at saying things backward, ot loke this, Lol

please drive slowly

mas a andar de vagar estou eu

hahaha looking ok to me ;-)

lol i get that

watch yourself

That is a very bad spelling mistake lol

think it is. right and I am10

به ريز

Pfyvfhfhgfh C tu agdgaahahGdb

oh, its DEFINATLY right ^_^