Manufacture laughters

lol that weird*)

it dont look like it

собаки собаки собаки

fucked up!!


hahaha haahhahahahahahahahahahahhaha


Я вас не понимаю.

idk what to say to this one lol xD


but also funny

sorry i ate ur cat

yeehr mahn voll lolxD

omg I get it lolololol


ohh i found your, lost cat.

haha loooool

thanks that is cool and lol

lol I think I ate him

so mean i like cat

weird not funny gay

hqhqhhqh ma e il mio

that's dumb

stupid bagel

was ist daran witzig

funny but weird

thats verry funny but a litle Bit unfair

wat is this?

hahaha si puo dire che quel gatto ha un gusto un po rustico hahaha

kinda funny

that is funny but a litle bit unfair

where is my head?

I found youre lost cat!

that is not funny at all. that's just mean

u hav a speshl talent

that is so not funny

a cat is a buscit

talk about epicness

thats funny but totally unfair

that is not funny !!!!!!!!!!!


lol but dum at the same time