Manufacture laughters

der arme hund

that guy should do that ..instead of the poor dog.

i saw that movie

jajajajajaja XD


haha very funny

that's cool

schmeiß doch gleich aus Fenster behindert

omg how stupid of that owner and that girl in the car let him at least she could slow down or pull over

he is crazy for doing that

go marley gooo haha

Marley & I ((y))

Am besten ohne festhalten dann stirbt er besser hehhe<8

Was für ein Tier qualer du asoziales schau Spieler >_< I KILL YOU

wtf sad life for a walk

wow markley and me

is so stupid

I'll never do that to my dog ever

че издеваетесь над собачкой придурки(((

carro com som

haha marley and me I love that movie

it will hurt his legs

is this how you take a dog for a walk?!