Manufacture laughters

I would of slapped her

wow well at one school she hit every kid with a thick stick search on YouTube

Spiderman video

GBH #nehalennia

boa professora

altaa das ist ja scheiße

wow geht's Der Nicht mehr ganz gut ...ich wäre ohne mein handy total aufgeschmüsen ...

kenne ich schon

who will pay the phone price ?

geht ja garnicht!

she is crazy

she said no phone

what the Fuck


you think that's nothing want to teach with it share and it would hurt really bad

who that's nothing one teacher threw a child with a chair at my school

ist die ferükt

wow.she was trying to.teach her student was ein bitch ist

that's what you get and you don't get upset

she is not my teacher pf opfer kind

nu nu ie ia

My techers done that before

alter ernsthaft Halts Maul

ignore the phone

why the hell would she do that. No, she have to pay back

My teacher is almost like that

she must have a problem

damn girl!!! u got problems!!

bitch that's my new phone

do it again

I would sit in the back next time!

seen it already , this is pissen me off

पढाई करो।

mmm noc q es esto ggg

q mierda es esto?

gabriel gays

gabriel gays

quadradinho do gordo

V an fv s O

gabriel gavs

govucbdihi udhsoueiuh8

armes Handy

This would be breaking news in America.

Wow anger issues

nossa que professora

peak times 4 u

o q e isso

q mierda es esto?

what's your Name?

Ja ich habe whatsapp

о фигеть она пряча силачка

ich habe whatsapp n89op***

эм дауш=>

aw...aahh..i have t-to g-g-o!


omg if a teacher did that to me

armes handy


what the hell

Hat jemand hier whats app

This isn't realy funny

About time they do that the schools

god shake that was sum one trying to tell him he was miss sold ppi lol

wie ps4k2*** gesagt hat... alta redet deutsch...


inja kojastt

redet deutsch

فارسی فیلم ایرانی

don't speak mobile in class


ол о птш

دختر پ



omg who would do this

dumme lehrerin


Facebooking in class....