Manufacture laughters


einfach toll

que genio y que bonito el perro en sima se tapa

Sehr interessant und intelligent!

omg that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen..he's extremely talented...

The dog said amen

that was so cool, omg I want that dog

Perro inteligente

i laugh wie a monky

умница или умник

тоесть няшка

кукла реборн

wow they dog prayed before he. went to bed. then covered his own ass up lol smart

it is so cuteeeeeee

that's cute

Always pray first


braver Hund...

Das ist richrig schlau von ihn

so cute doggggggg:-)

Bah vo treina meu dog,kkkkkk soh q nao

thats to sweet

so awesome and cute at the same time

important fuck

yes me too much of a new one



Eiskalt ich dachte sowas ist unmöglich

dogs are soooooo hilariously intelligent

awww so cute


спать порп

hoowww so cuty

lol der hund legt sich tatsächlich ins bet

oh shit who trained that dog

aww thats so sweet and cute!

what a trained dog I'd love to have a dog like that

ooooo wie süß



lo pensó lo pensó y se acostó

that is so awesome and cute i wish i had a dog like that my dog is snapy and a pain in the but

awww how cute

haha awesome!!!

cool. I love it so much I am going. to explo

aww adorable

hah.... hund hat eine anhung wie menschen respekt !!! mein hundi komm ;)

cane di fede

that's so cute ...

even says prayers and covers himself. .awesome

awww really cute

Frohes neues Jahr

that is so cute

is that fucken pee on the dam bed

dog is cat oenrtrp foot

hahahahaha das ist so witzig boar ich lach mich schlapp

he is so cute

awwwwwwwwwwwwww how adorable

nigga please

that is cute

dad ist ja cool

sooooooooooooo cuttttttteeeeeeeee


woo (n.n) the cute

omg so fucking cute

its relly sexy

aww .so cute

hola m yamo lola

dog going to bed

hej ja jestem z polski


aww that's so adorable how did you train him

I am so sleepy

omg!!! thats so cute!!! lol

I feel you dog

^O^ !060!.09?;60:!

Aaaaaawwwee is that possible ...' cute

Ooooohhh i get it......hahaha!!!!!!!!!<>)


jeje,cuando aprieta el Frio,hay que imitar,


wth oooo no that s not true , can't posible the dog know get it sleep in the bed :):):):)★

dang that's cute!

Dog going to bed

you got it made dog !!!