Manufacture laughters

pisina. jajaja jajaja bkajaja



you bommy that is the shallow end

ha he is sooo mother f***** stupid

why would they have a diving board if u can't even dive


Cute but stupid

Überhaupt nicht witzig :(

hahaha! oh Shit. Damn.......

killed his self an everyone dont be selfish

I think he is dead tO5t***

isn't hat enough water for u mate ( silly prime trying to do a backflip in small bit of the water )

Is he dead?

oooouuuuu what the fuck jajajakakaka

nackte bilder

haha hihi ich lach mich schrott

Idk what happened to my words there but point made tho

that's not funny....he could of broke his neck

hahahah lol ne war scherz das ist lw ohne scheis

did not get to do what you wanted to do