Manufacture laughters

send that to me

That is the right gift

I want money

makeit rain make it rain bitch

I want it mine now

money money moneyyy

I want that soooo bad

Its still worth shit.

best gift eva!

*burb* tastes funny O.o

Delicious chocolates! Lol

This is my type of gift!!!! :) '' Mam can I get this for christmas???"

I want that

its hooker candy

date ma chocky box

best Valentine's ever

best gift ever

can I have it

it's all for me

best box of chocolates ever

i love this

Give that so me anyday

Hchdhxhxjhsh:70 ++9 9 534 411 046$6 411 +51_6 4 58 79/98+5494$45+4ever 2moro

I guess forest was right you never know whats in your box of chocolates