Manufacture laughters

Hoffentlich geht's dem Hund wieder gut

poor dog he flipped

ohh that poor dog

Der arme Hund!

doggy is crazy!! he gets flicked & gets rite bak up chargin the ball again...

oh ich hoffe ihm gehts gut

What the fuck, that looks like it hurt.

joke bha to?

he just gets back up

staring at that in terror!

ohh Sünde @@@@@¤¤¤¤¤¤§€€¥£][_<<_¿¡;:"^£<\~"?*+-+%/=(/;:"*:/(:(:):!,.

und huiiiiiiii

its cool, but sooooo sad.

oha voll gemein!!

da poor doggy

hah, hah, hah

der schöne Ball

omg!!! poor dog!! i hope hes ok!!! :(

thats got to heart

what the fuck happend

sham poor dog


der arme hund

that's one way to do a front flip

u pppl r sick not funny

Hahaha... fly doggy FLY!!!

was für ein Tier quäler

alter suchst du Stress

Der arme Hund!!!!!!!!

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