Manufacture laughters

and u said fuck st.Patrick day?

а на русском

ich bin ostfriese

smh nobody was expecting any of that

dumm green man

well...well... I see, go for the girls


э эё,.юоррр

this is not real. it's a scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I sjjks jos, jjos. icy God jkd sisg

Every man for himself...

Mc marcinho

the lady got hit instead of the man

wauuu....ganz toll.

green dude looks like one of the tele tubby

is das unfer

hahaha chw ridere

omg der spinnt

нет в другого лучше

wer is so dumm und hockt sich gleich wider hin?


wow and lol


haha headshot

Und er setzt si einfach wieder hin ^^