Manufacture laughters

a galinha quer ser um pato.

minecraft chicken

get on the lilly pad duh or get eaten by a alegator

good morning

schicken mc nuggets

Kuckuck ich sehe dich guten Morgen

komisches Huhn!

ahahahahaha nn so cosa dire quando vedo queste immagini

are u going to lay an egg in there:-)

anda que...

"that's right ive been watchin the ducks"

lol chicken

чё я не понял

haha chicken

Video de luta

mnogo e qko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagen de amor

hey, look a water chicken :-) LOL

cars salids e strochels

chicken with a big tail

omg love it

haha chicken on the See :))

помела андерсон

hahaha good one

porque ????

chicken chicken quark quark chicken chicken bif bif !!!

Guten Nacht

Haha her think her is a duck or ?