Manufacture laughters


hahahaha very funny video

nice parents

que coisa nao

baixar imagens

Schlaue Eltern!

I can't belive that

cotata deia

that is not fair, its cheeting

صور الحيوانات

smart parent


I have done that before it screamed

страшные карртинки

i know that was nasty

..piLitiN mOe ??

hahaha that's so funny lol


How to make ur chid open mouth

truque para papinha

hi ostfrise

so ein cheater

good cheeting

ich bin ostfriese

das ist verarsche

das ist nicht lustig"!!!"

babys do not want to be good thy want candy

Dirty Trick but still cool

no le den chocolates o frituras que se va a acostumbrar y después no va a querer comer bien



haha das arme Kind muss leiden

Das ist Kinder Quälerei

Lol too funny

way to go dad !!!!!!!!!

جميل هاهاهاهاها

all kids want candy

naked kids

so she realy wanted food

That's a cool mum or dad :)

trick kids

didnt see it comming