Manufacture laughters

very crazy**

ich wünschte das wären meine Eltern :-)))

ach du scheiße ich wünschte das ding wär meine sis

iys get fck ....

i think its get a big dose.....

why did you give him to much suger


haha begol gone wild

langweilig aber der köter ist suß

Its a friends dog

das ist mein mein mein

that is so cute

rarara nosa que ingrasado

oh ya get that toy little pup

a corgi xoxoxoxox

he's saying "you","you",lol!

des is vol unlustig

yeah that dog is crazy!!!

not funny just a dog playing with a toy

tobi ay good boy /o/

oh my good -.-

giulia crazy dog

was geht an

My dog love to get their ratcoons!!

aww how cute


vido in Galerie

der hund ist voll fett□□□□□

sind die Gurken reif?

خیلی ممنون

Aceito pasta vodio

a crazy dog

Aceito pasta vidios

that's a good dog :-:-D =-O

lol, awwwwwwwwww so cute.

Rajpal singh sikarwar

Aceito pasta vidios

eh der hund ist einfach nur lok

Liefe hond zeg


you grank dog

you drank dog

hola bebé mil besos

hola bebé que tengas lindo día.

hahahaha:) :/ :( :^)

lol that so cute

aww so cute

wow just like my dog well I should say puppy