Manufacture laughters

ahaha ahche facendo il giro piu corto perde lo stesso !!!! Super Giuggiu

lenttoo maiss legall hahahahaa


its not funny. its Discrimination and must be banned.

hehe lol dope

corre gordinho

oh my GOD.cutei boy

der arme junge

that's rude

Wat the fuck let him grie before u put this shit on the fucking internet

nicht lustig

thats not funny.u r ruining boys emotions

lento demais!!! porcaria!!


noon badmanners

Que estan escribiend (

This guy gonna lose some weight

run chubby chubby run


darf ich jetzt lachen

thats not funny

I'm fat you fucking asshole

not funny

bei sowas macht man keine Witze

Noo he wasnt ready

faster faster

ka ws ihr das witzig findet aber es ist lol

das war nicht witzig


eu baixei ainda

a Big Boy......i Love You carson lueders

fat guy ha


esse muleque e muito lerdo

das ist wirklich nicht witzig

das ist nicht witzig

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..............and fuck...the end

این دیگه چقد از این کارا بلده

that's me in volleyball :-D


dislike that's mean jerk


thts rude bad one guys

that's really funny but I feel bad for him

jus dont move kid...thats better

imagems em potugues

so ein scheiß

bull attack funny video

funny video bull attack

ich finde es nicht witzich

that's sad rude and mean dis like

run fatboy run


I feel bad 4 him

that is mean it is a little kid

that's not funny jerks

she run so fast

u mean man I feel bad for the kid not funny gerk

aawwhh poor kid!